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Here's what Girls2Women-VA has been up to lately!

Girls2Women-VA on CBS 6 Virginia This Morning!

Girls2Women-VA had the amazing opportunity on March 25, 2024 to be on CBS 6 Virginia This Morning!

Our Southside Coordinator Frenchi Jones was joined by two of our mentees, Ava and Adrianna, to speak about our organization, including what our program entails and our vision of girl/women empowerment!

We got to hear Ava and Adrianna's firsthand experience being mentees in G2W-VA.

Ava shares, "G2W-VA is very fun and is empowering me to be more confident in the work I do at school. It's helped me make more friends and get out of the house, and it's also fun doing community service and helping people."

Adrianna shares, "I've been in G2W-VA for three years. You get to meet a bunch of people, get to know them more, and be around girls your age. You also get to do community work and help people. I thought it was weird at first because I didn't know what it was and I didn't know anyone, but in getting to know the mentors and the people around you, it's gotten to be a really good group to be in."

When asked what the number one reason she would recommend G2W-VA to someone else, Ava said that it is the supportive environment that has allowed her to become more self-confident. "A girl should join G2W-VA because you feel more confident and it helps you feel like you're supported. Some girls have gone through problems that you have also gone through, and you can get advice/tips on how to handle different situations."

Adrianna shares a similar sentiment, citing community as her reason for recommending G2W-VA to others. "You get to be in a community with people where you get to know them and their stories, and they also get to know you. Just having the support is amazing!"

G2W-VA is so grateful for the opportunity to be on CBS 6 and look forward to spotlighting more of our mentees voices and reaching further audiences!

You can watch the full video here on the CBS 6 website!

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