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Core Values

Girls2Women-VA's core values are Diversity, Integrity, Resilience, and Trust. Read below to find out more about how we incorporate these values into our everyday practices!



Diversity means inclusivity and acceptance. Our organization is very diverse; between our Board, mentors, mentees, and other volunteers, we come from many backgrounds and lived experiences. 


Integrity means accountability and authenticity. Our organization practices integrity by staying true to our vision, as to work towards our mission of creating safe, empowering spaces for our mentees. 


Resilience means perseverance. Our organization practices resilience by being adaptive! Especially throughout COVID-19, we have faced numerous challenges and changes. Despite these hardships, G2W-VA has continued to grow tremendously!  


Trust means reliability, dependability, and safety. Our organization practices trust by establishing "norms" at the beginning of every circle. Norms are a mentee's expectations and boundaries that they require while in a circle. We identify these early on and ensure that they are honored throughout the program.

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